Thursday, September 4, 2008

Missed the Democratic National Convention Speeches?

I was on iTunes this morning and saw that they have a podcast page to download some of the speeches (some as video) from last week's Democratic National Convention.

You'll need iTunes installed.

For good measure, here is the link to the Republican National Convention podcast page. For what it's worth, Palin's speech is generating a lot of buzz. If I can tolerate the GOP rhetoric, I'll make myself listen to the whole thing.

Update 1: Sept. 6, 2008 @ 1:08am -

Palin as I and, clearly, the Chosun Ilbo editors see her.

Update 2: Sept. , 2008 @ 11:18am -

Oh and look at who beat Palin out for Miss Alaska way back when:
Sarah Palin’s revenge?

Hat tip to Undercover Black Man ;)

I've gotta say the "speed dating" through the UN Session yesterday was B.S.

She completely avoided questions from the press. I wonder why? However, now I do hope she knows what the Bush Doctrine is. (BTW, by linking to my thesis on that very topic, I'm not saying she's had to study it in school. It's just that it's a concept you can summarize in one sentence. It's been at the forefront of foreign policy discussions since 9/11 and she had not a clue what it was.)

A bunch of rushed photo-ops taken while meeting foreign leaders doesn't give her anymore foreign policy experience. Sheesh.

Just in case the embed is buggy, here is the link Photo-op Follies by Jeanne Moos of CNN.

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  1. I saw it, and it kind of made me want to vomit. I wish she were a better orator, but given her experience, it's no great surprise.

    Go Obama! I watched McSame yesterday. I don't hate him necessarily, but I just can't get behind the Republican Agenda no matter how much they say they're doing it for me. In fact, it kind of seems like he's trying to distance himself from the pubs. And with good reason. The economy is in the dumps, man!

    Okay, leaving you now...

  2. I've not doubled back to view (or hear) Palin's speech. I might (actually, I know I should). However, the cover shot of today's Chosun Ilbo shows her exactly how I see her: vicious.

    I can't upload it to comments, so I'll just amend the post with the shot of the cover of today's paper. (see vicious shot above ;-))

    I don't necessarily dislike McSame on some issues. However, he's just not on point regarding almost all issues I feel strongly about. With choosing Palin he's made it clear that while he "might" be more middle of the road, he's going to bring the more radical right along with him if he's able. He's also still clearly trying to court people who were never Democrats - those alleged Hillary supporters who are so angry they just refuse to vote for Obama. (I'm sorry, but if you can flip that drastically you never supported Hillary in the first place.)

    Thanks to iTunes, I did get to view Michelle Obama's speech. I saw Cindy McCain's, and I'm glad I saw it, I learned more about her and what I learned was good. But Michelle knocked it out of the ballpark. I fell asleep about 1/2 through on Cindy's.

  3. What I didn't like about Palin was the fact that she made fun of Obama being a community organizer. I thought that was very low on her part.

  4. What! See? Now I've got to go watch it (or listen to it because last I checked iTunes didn't have video versions of the speeches). I've seen the "bitter" clip, but that's about it.

    How can you make fun of someone who said "no" to six figure law firm jobs and worked as an activist in the South Side of Chicago to organize people who'd never had anyone make that sort of sacrifice?

    Yeah, now it's time to download it and put it on my iPod. I've got a long flight ahead of me and tons of time.

    Thanks for the feedback on Palin's speech.

  5. Crystal it wasn't her that made the speech, it was Karl Rove and Company that created the speech, her crazy azz just repeated it.

    Also I am reading quite a few people were turned off by the ignorant rhetoric and some Republican women are now switching to the Obama camp because of Palin's stance on Abortion and Education=
    I am like you Stepford Wives people didn't do your research before you started singing how wonderful she is.

    I have one more piece of information.Her husband was a registered member of the Alaska Independent Party whose mantra is seperate from America and their total disdain for the American government.

    I hear people complain about Obama not being patriotic but when I throw that at them, they are left dumbfounded sounds like a REPUBLICAN.

  6. Yeah, maybe she didn't write the words but those words will forever be attributed to her because she chose to say them, same difference. I mean no one can convince me that she didn't get a chance to read, review and practice that speech beforehand, so she knew and she's not powerless. She could have said "no, I'm not attacking that; it's great he's a community organizer."

    I'm glad that people see that it's her policies that matter. I don't care if she's female. If her views don't click with mine, her presidential ticket doesn't get my vote.

  7. Oh yeah Expat Jane she had a chance to practice them but I think people really got turned off by that speech but I am like everybody needs to look beyond that and really study who this broad is.

    I mean the crazy heifer tried to have a librarian fired because she wouldn't hold up a book Palin advocated? She wants schools to teach CREATIONISM? Also she had a top police guy fired because he intimidated her? I am like and this is the one that you want running the WHITE HOUSE.

    Also I do like RON PAUL and I all but shut down a couple of dumb REPUBS that had the nerve to say Palin was a hero. I was like you allowed a perpetrator to get in your organization but a true MAVERICK who wants to fix the REPUBLICAN party and take it back to where it's core values are you treated him like a damn stepchild.

    I mean RON Paul couldn't even come to his own convention!! He had to have an alternative convention elsewhere. Also it did extremely well. When I throw that at them they are like HUH? I am like yeah so stop with the MCCAIN is a Maverick bull$%^^ RON PAUL is a Maverick, MCCAIN is a fake sellout REPUBLICAN who kissed Bush's azz 90% of the time LOL.

  8. Chill with terms like "broad" on my blog to refer to women.

    This isn't a blog run by a man and dominated by testosterone in the comment section.

    Mine is a blog run by me. I'm a woman and I want to be referred to with respect. I also want other women, even women whose views you disagree with, be addressed with respect.

    That's one of the main problems of US democracy - no one has taken debate and don't seem to realize you can disagree and still be civil. You can disagree with someone's views without being disrespectful or putting them down.

    Palin is a woman. Now she's a a woman with backwards and antiquated views, but she's a woman nonetheless.

    Thank you.

  9. Oh Expat Jane I apologize I wasn't trying to be offensive and you are right she is a woman.

    Also when you say backwards and antiquated views what exactly do you mean? It seems quite a few women are in support of these views so what is your perspective on it.

    Also I have taken debate in HIGH SCHOOL so sorry if my skills are rusty.

  10. I mean exactly what I say. If someone thinks that simply because they have a moral view on an issue that what follows is the right to limit what I can do based on that, we've got a problem. I also don't think that limiting access to information changes behavior. My mom told me about sex when I was young and told me that she trusted me to make the right decision. Guess what? I did. Keeping that information out of schools is simply ridiculous. In the buzz issues like same-sex marriage, abortion and sex education, that's exactly what's going on.

    Beyond that, I've got a flight to catch and no time to spell out what is pretty close to obvious. I support Obama and I'm a Democrat. What do you think my views are on those issues are? Hint: You'd be safe in assuming the more liberal side of the fence.

  11. What is pretty close to obvious? Okay (lol) well I know debating isn't a good thing is it? Anyway thanks for your perspective on the matter and have a safe flight.

  12. Thanks, I did. Now I'm enjoying being home.


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