Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Dona nobis pacem

This is a cute I idea that I heard about when Mimi left a comment a few days ago.

I figure why not?

Here is my peace globe:

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  1. Hello regina,
    Hi ! Greetings from a fellow expat :)
    It's nice to meet you and see your blog.
    I'am based in France, but originally called Hawaii my home state ( even though I 'am CA born ).
    You are welcome to stop on over anytime at my blog.
    See you soon.
    way to go for your M.A. !! I believe highly in the value of education ( I have a M.A. also ).

  2. Thanks for stopping by. I'll take the time to click over to your blog. It's weird, because with all the blogging I do, I've cut just surfing around to read what other people are saying. That's BAD.

    I agree re education. I like school a bit too much, but having an education gives me the life I have now. Overall, I really like it, so "yeah" for education!


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