Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Repost: Gusts of Popular Feeling - Horace H. Underwood on Korean and American Culture

Update 1 (Dec. 1, 2007 @ 11:57am)

Well, I'm going to be honest. I reposted this without reading all of the links. It turns out that two of the links aren't correct.

So here they are with the correct links:
Honesty vs. Loyalty: Which is More Important?
Heredity and Environment

Also, while I like linking to things there is always that risk that the link(s) will change. With that in mind I've also uploaded the texts to my 4Shared account. You can access the essays from there too. I just cut and pasted all of Professor Underwood's essays in one file in alpha order.

Here is the link: Professor Horace Underwood on Korean Culture (it's an MS Word/.doc file.)


This is mos def reading for those of us interested in Korean culture and how it differs from American culture.

Horace H. Underwood on Korean and American culture

I found a link to this page in a comment by suddenly susan to this Metropolitician post.

In these articles, Horace H. Underwood the differences between Korean and American culture in a very clear way. They're well worth your time.

Korean Culture: "In" and "Out"
No Men Are Created Equal
Honesty vs. Loyalty: Which is More Important?
Heredity and Environment
Ch’emyon or Social Face in Korean Society

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  1. Thanks so much for these articles! They are fairly balanced and very informative. They put into words some of the things I've been noticing in my three months here. I'm glad to know it's not just me.

    And seeing as I have an interracial family through adoption, they're even more pertinent--neat!

    I've been blogstalking you on and off since before I came to Korea--I'll say hello. You do a great job here of keeping things both entertaining and intellectual (not always so easy). Thanks for the link back.

  2. Thanks for blogstalking me. Only in the world of blogging would someone be thanked for stalking ;) I try to keep a balance. Too many long posts with theories IS boring, even for me. However, just short snippets with little content is boring too.

    However, re these interesting articles, thank Matt for posting them on his blog 'cause I just straight up reposted it word for word.

  3. Haha- I think a few bloggers have picked up on it. I posted a very similar post back on the 23rd. It's becoming a meme, I would say.

  4. I had to look up what "meme" meant.

    Yep, I'd agree with you on that ;)


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