Friday, November 16, 2007

Paris In A Hanbok

Okay, the last Paris post for awhile, I promise.

I think these are some great photos. They're from Paris' visit to Seoul last week. They show Paris in a hanbok, which is traditional Korean clothing. The type she's wearing is still frequently seen at formal events like weddings. In fact, the one she has on is REALLY pretty. I think the hanboks for women are some of the nicest traditional formal wear I've seen, really.

I'll be getting myself a nice formal one before I leave, just so I can go all out when I return to the States and finally throw that "I've Finally Left Korea, But Korea Will Never Leave Me" party - complete with soju, anju and kimchee.

Paris Hilton in Hanbok (top) and with co-stars of MBC-TV's variety show ‘Infinite Challenge’./photos captured from the People magazine website.

Click on the photo to go to the Chosun Ilbo article.

Now where are the Bey in a hanbok photos?

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