Friday, November 2, 2007

Music Video: Ledisi "Alright"

If you've read my B-Boys in Korea post you know I have much love for Ledisi.

I first saw her when I lived in San Francisco. It was only a few months before I took off to Korea, but during that time I'd wrangle my friends up and drag them to her shows.

It was a great time and she puts on a great show.

I've been following her ever since and remain a loyal fan.

She has a new album out: Lost And Found

This is the new video for the single "Alright".


Yep, everyone's has a MySpace page. Here is hers: Ledisi's MySpace

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  1. *Off topic but just thought you might like to know..
    You might be getting a lot of traffic from "Javabeans" sharing her admiration of your site
    I read a couple of articles and I'll be back ^^ It looks quite intriguing and I am still in awe of your post-secondary achievements.. [its_trish}

  2. Oh yeah, I noticed and went over and thanks that Korean drama expert for the link ;)

    Thanks for letting me know though and good to hear you'll be back...


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