Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Nice Video of the First Snow of the Season


I was leaving my Korean lesson last night when one of the teaching assistants told me it was snowing outside. Now being from Southern California where if you want to see snow you pack the family in the car and drive up to Big Bear Lake, I always get geeked out when it's snowing. So I blurted out "snow I like!" in Korean and ran out to be greeted by rain. Ugh! However, I wasn't disappointed for long because within about five minutes the rain had turned to snow.

It was nice.

Here is a video posted by the folks over at Mongdori. Thanks for the heads up on this ZenKimchi.

First Snow of the Season

Last night Seoul got its first snowfall of the season. I thought about capturing some video of it myself on my cell phone as I was walking home, but then I figured I could just find a better video made by someone else:

I like the song they're singing because when they say "hin-nun-i", which means white snow, it sounds like "hin-dung-i", which means white dog. "Hin-dung-i" can be used to describe a Westerner, and is bit like calling him a cracker. So, you can easily replace the words of this song to be "Beautiful Cracker". ^^

Cute, no?

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