Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crap That I Won't Miss: Weird Foreigners

"Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names." - John F. Kennedy

Now I won't publish this guy's email or family name, but I will publish this ridiculous email exchange.

Let me give you a bit of background.

Unbeknownst to me, I ended up getting a job at the same school with the guy who inspired this post: Ugly Americans, Young White Men, Korea and Me. I've been there for almost two years at this point. I've not revealed that I'm working with him simply because I never felt the need to do it. However, I was going to after the fact just to update the story. Now due to this silliness, it's happened even sooner.

If you read that post, you realize there is no love lost. None! I basically did my job and just didn't bother.

For the sake of clarity, I will refer to him as "Mad Nutter" and to myself as "Moi" later in this post.

Anyway, my job chose the change the terms of our contracts. I was already seriously considering not renewing simply because the atmosphere had changed, and I was getting tired of the commute. I work in Suwon but I live in Seoul. It's not bad, but it was getting to be tedious for me.

They gave us a deadline to request a renewal. This is standard procedure with them. We request the renewal. They then take it to a committee and we're informed whether they'll extend our contract or not. A little much on the procedure but okay. I didn't bother requesting a renewal. I was done after they informed us of the changes. Then the school did what a lot of colleges and universities do. They dismissed the instructors that had been with them for three years.

Now the rumor I heard was that after three years colleges and universities have to offer you tenure. I don't know if that's true or not. I've never researched it, but I figured that might get thrown out as a reason. It ends up they didn't explain what the reason was, and I don't think any of the dismissed instructors asked. For me it's neither here nor there, as I'm leaving but I do feel bad it was handled this way. After the offers or lack of offers were sent out, I got an inquiry from another co-worker asking if I'd been renewed. I'd explained I'd not asked for a renewal and that was that or so I thought.

Well, no, because tonight I got an email from Mad Nutter saying he wanted the teachers to ban together and take the school to court. I replied saying, since I'd chosen to not to renew that I don't have standing but good luck.

He writes back to say that someone has informed him that people who've been at a job in Korea for longer than two years have special rights. I point out that he's been there for more than two years but I've not. So again, I don't have standing and again, thanks and good luck.

He writes back again to say that if they win, I'd get an offer. I explain I DON'T WANT an offer and my reasons for that. Again, thanks and take care.

He comes back now talking about I'm inhuman because I don't want to know about my coworkers.


You'd think he would have gotten the hint after the first email, but NO! He starts a new email topic asking me am I always like, yeah, asshole, I am.

This goes back and forth. I'm just pissed that this is actually going on. I explain that I thought I'd been pretty upfront. I'd said why I wasn't interested, only to be told I was "bragging". I went out of my way to wish him luck and say "thanks" only to be pestered and insulted.

What a fucking mental case. And, yes, you could accuse me of indulging it. But, I really did figure he'd just eventually move on. He had in the past.

Anyway, I eventually said, leave me alone or I'm taking this to the net. In the course of the emails, I'd asked him a question. He then chose to harp on this question as if it was some incredible error. Basically, it was the bait and switch technique people pull in an argument when they know their original point they've brought up basically is wrong. And his original point was I was inhuman, but no, it's not that I don't care about my co-workers. I don't care about going back and forth with your insane ass.

Guess what? Yeah, he didn't leave me alone. Had he, I wouldn't need to be up writing this crap out. You don't have to read it. I mean, I've described it pretty well...I think. However, here it is: five email threads between Mad Nutter and Moi.

I've eliminated his last name and email. He's also threatened that he's going to publish it too. Oh no! What will I do?!!!

The first email - "job end":

Mad Nutter:


Please send me an email if you are interested in defending against our termination. I have an expert, who says a new labor law in 2008 states that employees have special consideration (and rights) if they have worked at a job for longer than 2 years. Although we haven't rallied together in the past, a collaborative effort could/would see our jobs reinstated, which is deserving. Also, once being reinstated, long term employment is certain. This expert would like to meet with us, for FREE ADVICE and CONSULTATION. If it my deep understand that the decision to terminate us rests on the misbelief that we won't do our homework/reseach about our rights, moreso than having a solid legal right for doing so.

Working together on this matter would make each of our INVOLVEMENT/CONTRIBUTIONS in this matter, minimal.

I appreciate your response and input,



I didn't request a renewal, so I didn't get terminated. I chose to leave.

Good luck

Mad Nutter:

just wanted to keep you updated, cheers,

Moi (and this is where, I admit, I ought to have just not replied):

Thanks but no need since I have no standing in this situation. Best of luck to you.

Take care.


Mad Nutter:

well, if we get reinstated.. you'd have an offer back on the table. And the court case gets settled, in court, in about 3 hours because it is a non-controversial case and the college doesn't really have any ground to stand on. Have it rapped up by February 1st.


I was already considering leaving. Again, you presume too much about people you don't know well.

My choice is more about me and not over this school. Their actions only made my choice much easier. Ironically, I'm actually thankful for them confirming my feeling the school's environment had changed for the worse. I'm not happy with the changes in staff because that's negatively impacted the work environment. I've already turned down other job offers. Even in this scary economy, being unemployed isn't the issue for me right now. The issue is being exceptionally picky about my working conditions if I choose to stay a bit longer.

There is nothing illegal about a jerk being your management chain of command. Maybe their actions are illegal when it comes to workers' rights. That's yet to be determined. Plus, technically, this would only apply to the people who've been under contract for two years. I have not been employed by them for that long.

I do think if they can be held to account that would be good for the sake of current and future employees. However, beyond that, I have no interest in working for them any longer.

Again, I have no need or desire for updates.


Clearly, he's pissed I said he was presumptuous, but yeah, that's no surprise.

Email two - "presume":
Mad Nutter:

Are you always like this?


dude, I'm telling you I'm not interested in pursuing legal action AND that there is no need to contact me on it any further.

Yes, I'm always HONEST.

Mad Nutter:

there's been a few fibs. So you can't claim totally honesty.


Okay, I'm going to ask YOU now are you always like this?

I haven't fibbed about jack. You just can't seem understand "thanks, but no thanks", so I went out of my way to explain WHY I'm simply not interested in this.

What the hell? I was nice. I said that I wasn't interested and that I didn't need any further updates and went out of my way to acknowledge that there very well could be a cause of action and thanked you for keeping me posted. (That's more than I can say you did for me when I let you know about there being no substantial rule change for the process to get permission to work at a camp.) You keeptcoming back with more reasons and I keep saying, I'm not interested.

1. I don't want to work for (school's name removed) anymore - including the management and, honestly, the commute.
2. I didn't ask to work for them anymore.
3. I have turned down recent job offers.

So fibs? Please, why would I bother fibbing to you?

Mad Nutter:

Well, it's just more human to want to know if 6 of my coworkers got sacked, I'd wanted to hear about what's going on, how they are doing, etc. Kept in the loop. That's why.

Why would you fib? You have something to prove to people. But that's not what people care about, or what makes people interesting. In literature, it is explained this way. In a world so impersonal, so inauthentic and cold - it's the human characteristics, in others, that people really care about.

You just said you are always honest, and that's kind of impossible so it has to, in itself, be another fib.


I don't talk to any of you on a regular basis. I'll hear about it through the people I have relationships with.

I don't have a thing to prove to you, sorry. You over estimate your importance. You're pestering me. I'm telling you to leave me alone. It's simple.

I'm honest. I want you to leave me alone.
Email three - "question":

Mad Nutter:

how can you ask me a couple of questions and then tell me I'm pestering you when I respond??



Quid pro quo. I didn't ask you anything until that last email, so don't twist it. I'm no novice.

You've continued to pester me for I don't know how many emails simply because I'm not interested in whatever you're going to try to do. I've been clear about my reasons for not wanting further contact but courteous in wishing you luck.

If I've got to deal with this stupidity, I can fire the question right back at you.

So again, are you always like this?

Email four - "irony":

Mad Nutter:


The irony is that in the same email you told me to stop pestering you and then you followed it up with a question.

And you did again in your last email, "continue to pestering me, but since this is so stupid, are you always like this??"






Pestering and answering my question are two different things.

It's really ridiculous that you try to be so smug but have such trouble understanding that basic concept.

Answering a question I've asked you isn't pestering me. Attacking me with your ridiculous theories about my character is.

You asked me a question and I answered it. You then decided to keep it going by saying no, I was a liar because I'm out to impress you. But the point is if you weren't so insecure you wouldn't see me as having denied a job offer as bragging. I explained why I was going to quit and why I don't want to work there. You're so isolated that you assume I need contact with you to stay updated on what's going on with some of the people I've worked with. No I don't need you for updates, thanks.

So I'm going to lay this down.

1) answer the question or 2) leave me alone.

If you chose not to do either of these, you'll have to talk to your attorney about suing me too because I'm about to publish this entire email exchange with no names or emails on the Internet. However, if you push me, your name will be on it too.

This IS a threat. I've been dealing with this ridiculous series of emails for a hours at this point and, believe it or not, I've got work to do.

It's interesting that you're real quick to try to verbally attack me in emails where no one else can see it. However, I'm sick of it. I told you I wasn't interested in what you were doing. I told you why. I wished you luck and thanked you for including me. You accused me of lying and essentially being inhuman because I don't want to discuss this silliness with you.

Sorry man, but that's ridiculous and you know it. Now you're harping on the fact that I've asked you a question but I've also asked you to stop pestering me. Now that I've explained the difference, maybe you get it. If you don't maybe email Noam Chomsky and he can explain it to you.

But ooops, I realized that in my haste to hit send, I'd fucked up and wrote "either" when I meant to write "neither".

So, since one big issue has been him simply refusing to admit he's made an error, this is actually perfect. I get to eat crow and point out that he's loathe to ever do so.

Of course, going through it bit by bit, I realize I was right the first time. Oh well, I proved my point that 1) I make errors and 2) when I do, I'll say so ;)


I hate typos, but this is important to clarify.

If you chose not to do either of these, you'll have to talk to your attorney about suing me too because I'm about to publish this entire email exchange with no names or emails on the Internet. However, if you push me, your name will be on it too.

Sorry this should read:

If you chose not to do neither of these, you'll have to talk to your attorney about suing me too because I'm about to publish this entire email exchange with no names or emails on the Internet. However, if you push me, your name will be on it too.

And that is me acknowledging when I've made an error. Funny you can't do the same.


Mad Nutter:

well, if you tell me to leave you alone and then ask me to answer a question.. and blackmail me into following one of your two scenarios. It's all a little strange.


Moi: that's not strange.


Mad Nutter:

how is that not strange, just because you followed through on blackmail??


I'm on the phone at this point talking to a friend, describing this situation and laughing my ass off. I don't answer. When I finally read it, he's said this.

Mad Nutter:

look for the ENTIRE email correspondence to be posted with your name,


Damn folks, it looks like he's now threatened me! Oh no!!!


Will do...funny what you don't know, again.

And, so far, last email thread five - "challenge" (ha! hard to do since I think I made the threat):

Mad Nutter:

I challenge you to publish the ENTIRE correspondence. I can leave you the dust in any debate, so we'll move on to getting you to publishing the ENTIRE correspondence.



I'm writing it up right now. I'll be sure to send you the link.

Now, go away.


Mad Nutter:

look forward to seeing your name on it,

as a published piece online,

Clearly, he doesn't know I'm already published online with my name...ooops.


Dude, you're an idiot. I have a blog that I've written for awhile about living here in Korea.

I've published it there with only your first name and the dialogue name of "Mad Nutter". Of course, that blog has my blogger handle, but also my real name in certain pieces as I write for one of the papers here. However, I'll make sure to sign my name at the end so it's there. Bluff called...

It's up. Have at it.

Click here: Crap That I Won't Miss: Weird Foreigners

Now, please go away.


Now, I hit "publish" and, as you see above, I informed Mad Nutter that it was done.

The message below was in my inbox this morning, as since this is about publishing the complete thread, here it is.

Mad Nutter:

i don't give in to blackmail.. "choose option 1 or 2 or else". My guess is you'll leave that out.

Someone "guessed" wrong ;)

Signed in frustration,

Regina Walton

P.S. What is hilarious to me is he "challenged" me to do exactly what I said I was going to do...hello? I told you I was going to publish this mess, stupid.

How original.

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  1. Wow, what a douchebag. Why do people like this even populate the planet??


    Hates Weird Foreigners

  2. LOL...yeah.

    It happens, unfortunately.

    Go across the hall and indulge in a 김동원 video. I put up the one where he covers Bey's song "Listen".

    That is funny rather than pathetic and sad.

  3. Folk like Mad Nutter are why I have renamed the WWW to the Weird Wacky Web. Honesty would definitely be one of your strong suits! :)


  4. My only scary experience I've had so far in Korea was with a foreigner. He started to talk to me on the subway, asking way too many personal questions, followed me off the subway (I'm usually the only one getting off there), followed me into a McDonald's (I wasn't going to go to my original destination with him following me). I ordered and called my husband and sat and waited for my order. He saw that I was on the phone so he got his to go. It was really creepy.

  5. Wow! That is creepy. Glad you got out of that. The guy who thinks he can follow you is majorly scary.

    Mad Nutter I won't discuss much. It's clear he's an insecure bully who likes to talk shit when he thinks no one is watching. However, now, any further shit talking from him will be in public because I'm done.

  6. I read your initial post about him. MadNutter sounds REALLY needy, as in must have his humanity reaffirmed so that he knows he's a good and "with it" human being. When he doesn't get the attention or response he expects, he just gets nasty.

    The way I read it, you told him you weren't renewing and you wished him and the other luck. He's the one who isn't reading you straight. You've communicated things clearly.
    MadNutter better stay over there as an ESL teacher, as I doubt anyone here back at home would give a shit about him.

  7. Well, nothing was edited except for information that would identify him. For some reason, he thought I'd edit the conversation. I didn't say anything I needed to hide, so the "challenge" part still both baffles me and cracks me up. I said I was going to publish it, so why challenge me to do what I said I was going to do?

    I think you've got a good read on it. That's pretty much his m.o. He communicates. You don't respond in a way that he expects, likes or wants, then some character judgment comes raining down on you. He doesn't stop to think that maybe his narrow perspective isn't the only one and that what he assumes simply might be wrong or, at a minimum, uninformed.

    At first, it's shocking. However, after a few incidents of this mess, it's just "enough".

    I don't wish anything bad on him. I hope he actually figures out that whatever is going on in his head is not necessary what is going on in the world. A nice way of saying he's delusional.

    It's one of those things that you learn over time. If you're finding fault with everyone around you, maybe the problem isn't them. Maybe the problem is you.

  8. After the second email, why bother replying?

    It takes two to argue. If you want to have the last word, don't be suprised people want to carry on baiting you.

  9. Yeah, I get your point. You're totally right. I should have just not bothered. But I did figure he'd appreciate my explanation and let it rest. When it got to the fight stage though, I dug my heels in and was in it for the take down.

  10. No. He won't get your point: because he's a Mad Nutter.

    Anyway thanks for posting. It made me smile!

  11. Well, I'm glad it's making folks laugh ;) I was laughing then but I was also like "ohmyf%^kinggod!"

    I still laugh at the "challenge" part. That just makes no sense to me.


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