Sunday, December 21, 2008

Crap That I'll Miss: Ordering Pizza in Korean

Last week at my job grades were due on Thursday.* During crunch times like that when it's really about getting it done, I'll treat myself and order pizza delivery. I've got a Samsung credit card which entitles you to a 20% discount off the price when you use it. I call up and, because they have my number in the system, they'll usually start reading off my address before I have a chance to tell them what it is. Sometimes the system is down; there are tons of orders, which means there is going to be a longer than 30 minute wait and they have to tell you this; or you get a particularly jittery person on the other end who hears my accent and freaks out. But usually there is no problem.

From there, I place my order using the menu on their Korean language site. There is no English version, just study Korean and it really doesn't take much Korean to order food as I've been doing it since my first semester teaching here.

BTW, I order Dominos because 1) it's better than Pizza Hut and 2) Papa John's didn't deliver in my area last time I checked. I will switch alliances once Papa John's is close enough, but, for now, I'll just call the one close to me and pick it up en route home. Basically, for delivery Dominos is my only edible choice and beggars can't be choosers. It's pretty good. It's easy. That's it.

I'll miss the little feeling of accomplishment I have after getting through the process of ordering, informing them I'm using my card and asking them what the price is after the 20% discount, and then dealing with the delivery guy and payment. They also have little bright red mobile digital card processors for credit card orders.

I do look forward to ordering pizza delivery in English when I get home though. But the benefit of home is I can just go to a pizza shop and order pizza by the slice. In fact, that's the first meal I had when I was in NYC this February: a slice of white pizza and a slice of pepperoni. Pizza by the slice is very uncommon here :(

* Which is another reason I was livid on Wednesday evening when Mad Nutter decided to not take his medication and instead chose to pester me.

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  1. i am jealous for so many reasons:

    a. you have access to papa john's

    okay, i'm jealous really for just one reason.

    your list of things you will/not miss is fun to read.

  2. Thanks ;)

    But it's nowhere near over yet, I've got a few more weeks to go before I go.

  3. But Pizza in NYC is SOOO much better than any pizza here in Korea.

    I like your blog by the way...

  4. Thanks for the compliment.

    NYC pizza is the standard that others are measured by, no doubt. (No offense to lovers of Chicago-style pizza.) But I'll still miss ordering pizza in Korean.


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