Tuesday, December 9, 2008

김동원, So Random

Okay, I was on Facebook today minding my own business when I figuratively tripped over this video. I'm not sure how long these have been out there, but wow...just wow!

Yes, really, he's doing a cover of Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body".

김동원, Kim Dong-won for y'all that don't know Hangul, does another Mariah cover. This one is "I Still Believe".

There are more, but these two are the the ones that throw me into a fit of giggles. Now that might not be his objective, but who knows?

(hat tip to Taryn for posting that first one on Facebook, now 김동원 is like crack to me)

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  1. **cough cough** **paper shuffle** **side eye** So much wrongness in one posting, girl. But I think the sequined shirt and hip huggers just top the cake...as does his "studio". Perhaps my favorite part: "oodn't feel the same..."

  2. There is more. Click around...maybe I'll just make weekly 김동원 posts (provided he keeps churning these winners out.)

    Actually, I think the studio is a singing school or cheap studio you can rent time at. I saw a site but didn't explore it much.

    He does a cover of Beyonce's "Listen" complete with what looks like makeup, a sequined tank top and a flowing headscarf. However, him singing Beyonce's song just didn't make the cut.

    But, yes, I think it's time for the ExpatJane 김동원 video sequence.

  3. Is Kim Dong Won a professional Korean singer? My sister who's in the States sent that youtube to me but she said it was Bak Ji Sung. I didn't think it was Bak Ji Sung.


    Too funny girl!!!! Thanks for the post!

    Felicia, This Time Now

  5. Janet,

    I think I can say with confidence that I'm pretty sure dear 김동원 is not a professional singer. Well, not a professional in the sense that people like to hear him, buy his records and want to see him perform live. Maybe in a Tay Zonday sense, he's a professional.



    God loves me and loves you too ;)

    Glad you enjoyed it or, at least, glad you stopped by.

  6. Thanks for the clarification and for posting that update about Seoul Podcast.

  7. You're welcome. I just didn't want Joe's fans to flood the streets with tears of despair at not having a new Seoul Podcast to listen to ;)

  8. Haha. Well actually it was the first time I was ever going to listen to a Seoul podcast. By the way, I recently listened to the podcast you did on Metropoltician about being black in Korea. I found it very eye opening so thanks for that!

  9. Yeah, it seems a lot have learned from that podcast. In fact, Mike and I have been discussing updating it since I'm pretty much leaving and things have changed a bit since then.

  10. Oh my, I hope they haven't changed for the worse. Well if you do make a new podcast about it, I look forward to hearing it.

  11. I don't think they have. It's more to report on what changes we've seen. It's pending. Hopefully, we'll get to it in a few weeks.


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