Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Crap That I'll Miss: Cutesy Crap

Last night I had a craving for gummy candy of some sort. The closest thing I could find in the local store were these:

Mickey Mouse and Friends, Gummi Candy.

This, for a change, is marketed to kids.

ZenKimchi had a post that is MIA for some reason, but I got screen shots (sorry Joe but there is always Google's cache to draw from).


Granted, I never thought of Smurfs when I've seen it. I thought of huge dollops of whipped cream on some decadent dessert that I can't eat without a huge dose of insulin.

But Brian in Jeollanam-do expresses the requisite amount of comic rage: I'll see your Smurf hat and raise you a gay ass Snowman hat.

*cough* ... *laugh*

Good Lord, full grown and good-looking men looking like buffoons to sell ice cream, oh, the virtues of capitalism and consumerism.

However, I will miss the cutesy stuff you see in Asia. I've got to say it's fun being the smug Westerner laughing at this stuff.

It's also fun being the geeky Westerner who gives in from time to time and indulges in it. Sometimes being silly is fun ;)

Last winter in Jong-no after an adjuma (a middle to older aged woman) cooed about what a cute tiger I was.

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