Friday, December 26, 2008

Crap That I'll Miss: Accessories - EVERYWHERE

Not much to say except how much I'm going to miss accessory stands. In all the major shopping and fashion areas you'll find carts or stands where they're selling all sorts of fun accessories. This can range from a spot full of hair accessories or something like cute costume jewelry.

There is a spot in the Express Bus Terminal here in Seoul that has EVERYTHING. They have hair accessories, jewelry, purses, socks, sunglasses and, depending on which vendors have moved in or moved out, sometimes clothing.

It's just too much fun. Granted, this is about those rad accessory stands, but I'll miss being able to basically buy an outfit on the street without having to enter a store.

Yes, I have her eyes blacked out because I didn't ask for her permission to paste her face on my blog. Therefore, until I ask her (and the possibility of me going all the way back to Omokygyo station is close to nill.)

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