Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Podcast Picks of the Week - 12/14/2008

You know it's occurred to me a few times that I've not gotten around to doing this. I think it's because I've hit the podcasts that I listen to already and it's a regular cycle at this point.

However, last week I noticed WNYC's Radio Lab had uploaded a new episode. The title of the podcast was "Sperm".

*pregnant (hehehehe) pause*

Come on. The subject matter HAD to mean it was a funny or, at least, an interesting podcast. And, it was.

It started out with a discussion on how sperm was discovered and the initial theories that went with that discovery. The podcast then went on to other stories. All of them were entertaining and often laced with humor.

This American Life hit it out of the park again last week. They dedicated their whole show to one story: Heretics. For those who've never heard the This American Life episodes, they usually divide the broadcast into an introduction and three stories. This time it was all dedicated to the story of Reverend Carlton Pearson. It's just a life that's so far from my own, yet similar in terms of race and culture. I thought the story was both interesting and engaging.

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