Thursday, August 10, 2006

Korean Kids Are Crazy!!!

Okay, actually, they're no more crazy than any other kids I've worked with. I was a substitute teacher during law school.

However, they're tons of fun in terms of teaching. I think it's more so for me because I teach university students. When I work with kids it can be tiring and I frequently get injured (this year a scratched cornea and last year a tumble while teaching a rollerblading class). It's a welcome break from having to deal with young adults most of the time.

That leads me to my current video pick Crazy by Gnarls Barkley. It's another song that I was first exposed to while listening to Yahoo! Music. Cee-Lo Green’s voice reminds me of old school soul that my mother listened to which makes total sense as he was a member of the Goodie Mob which is a hip-hop group from Atlanta, Georgia, and Georgia where my family is from.The lyrics to the song are great. They’re a ton of fun to switch around and sing to the kids when they do something silly. All you need to do is turn on a falsetto, sing "crrrrrrrrrazy" and they'll fall out laughing. I even have some running up to me now and singing it without a prompt...

I don't think the song has made it to Korea yet, but when it does, they'll be the coolest kids around because they'll already know it.

So here it is...enjoy.

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