Saturday, August 19, 2006

Those Idiots at CNN: Morbid, Gore-Showing Morons!

Okay, this is just a rant, but I'm angry.

I usually watch CNN because, unfortunately, it's the only news channel my cable company provides. I'd be much happier with the BBC News which is what I watched when I lived just outside of 대구, Daegu, which is another major city in South Korea.

Anyway, I'm watching the news with the sound off because they run the same damn stories over and over. That's another annoying aspect of CNN. I'm eating a late dinner, and the story is about the people migrating back home to the south of Lebanon and the recovery efforts in that region. They show people covering up their noses because, unfortunately, they've uncovered some bodies that have been decaying for who knows how long. Then they show someone lifting a decayed hand and arm.

What the hell? Is it really news worthy to show that mess? I'm just glad I was on my last bite of rice cooked with sun dried tomatoes (try it, it's really good, btw).

Now I already have a huge amount of sympathy for the suffering that came down on the Lebanese during this war. It was like watching the big bully kick the crap of the spirited skinny guy who just kept getting up for more of a beating.

However, I don't need to see decaying bodies. I can imagine it. That's not news, it's unecessary and gratuious gruesomeness. If I want gore I'll go watch Snakes on a Plane or CSI: Crime Scene Investigation.

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