Friday, August 4, 2006

Sandra Bernhard – MAC Model

When I wear make-up I usually wear MAC cosmetics because any make-up line that regularly stocks shades suited for my color palette has a loyal customer for life. MAC came on like gangbusters years ago and has been consistent in that area. It doesn’t hurt that no matter where I am, with only a few exceptions, I find shades that work for me.

As a loyal customer, I subscribed to their marketing emails and tonight I got one titled “Sandra: Mouthing Off. Free Shipping with Plushglass.” Before I opened the email I figured Sandra Bernhard would be the person in the picture, sure enough this is what I saw:

I still don’t know what to make of her talent. I actually like her a lot because she speaks her mind even when it’s not what people want to hear, and, from my perspective, that’s something to admire.

My thing is Sandra has naturally full lips as I do, so wouldn’t it be better to get someone whose lips aren’t so full and market the product using them?

What are they promising? What are they selling?

It’s not like the product made her lips full. They were that way before she put the product on and they were like that after the product was gone.

They’re surely not promising that someone with rail thin lips will get ones like Sandra.

If they are then that product would surely make me look like quite ridiculous.

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