Saturday, August 26, 2006

Pack of Wolves Update: My Pen is Like New!

For those of you who tuned in a couple of weeks ago, you know I got quite upset when some ill-mannered cow busted my fountain pen.

I bought a new one and sent the old one in for a repair.

I got it back a few days ago and then took myself on a department store run in Shinsaegae Department Store. I know, bad, but I'd just been traumatized by the dumbest phone call in history. Shopping IS therapy.

Anyway, here it is, and it's just like new! It cost me a mere 27,000 won (around $25 USD) to get the nib replaced. I love my Waterman fountain pens.

It's a quirk. Deal with it.

The thing that was cool was I learned a new term this week.

I was talking to a Korean friend of mine and he asked me what the pen I was using is called in English. I told him that we call them fountain pens. This took a bit of clarification because he knows I use cartridges, so that whole bottle of ink and suction thing is lost. Anyway, once that was explained he told me that in Korean fountain pens are called 만년필, man nyon pen. "Man", 만, in Korean (from Chinese, btw) is 10,000 and, 년, "nyon" means year.

So it's literally "10,000 year pen." That makes sense because it means long living or long-lasting pen because you don't toss them when they're out of ink; you just add more ink.

Nice, eh?

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