Wednesday, August 9, 2006

MTV2: Snoopathon Dogg Esquire and Black Women on Leashes?!!!!

According to news reports MTV has managed to be offensive again. Actually, it's MTV2, but at this point I think that distinction is just splitting hairs.

Now honestly, I don’t mind it in most cases as I have more of a problem with censorship than I do with offensive material. I’m someone who believes that parents should do more parenting. I know that’s what my parents did. They controlled what I watched. They watched what I watched with me. Only when I got older could I stay up late and watch TV unmonitored. I know that times have changed and that things are harder with cell phones, computers and the internet, but, I believe, it can still be done. However, I digress.

What has me writing is I’m just wondering what the hell is going through the minds of the people who create degrading and offensive content?

Here is the story:

… a look-alike of rap star Snoop Dogg strolls into a pet shop with two bikini-clad black women on leashes. They hunch over on all fours and scratch themselves as he orders one of them to "hand me my latte." At the end of the segment, the Snoopathon Dogg Esquire character dons a rubber glove to clean up excrement left on the floor by one of the women.

MTV said the "Woofie Loves Snoop" episode, which first aired on July 1, was "in fact a parody of an actual appearance Snoop Dogg made where he was accompanied by two women wearing neck collars and chains."

"We certainly do not condone Snoop's actions and the goal was to take aim at that incident for its insensitivity and outrageousness," the statement said.
Okay, so you don't condone Snoop's actions, but you take it even further? How stupid is that?

I didn’t see either the spoof or Snoop’s original appearance with women in neck collars and chains. However, I did live in San Francisco for a long time. I saw a lot including a lot of women and men in neck collars and chains. I mean, no judgment here on doggie collars as some folks like that.

However, spoofing it by putting black women on all fours on leashes on Saturday afternoon TV is too much. I still don’t see how what Snoop did which seems to be sexually provocative excuses this MTV segment as “social satire”. It’s more like satire done in extreme bad taste. However, I'm not defending Snoop either. I didn't see it, but if I just imagine it based on other stuff he's done, I can see it too being offensive.

It’s just like the Nelly video where he swipes a credit card between the butt cheeks of one of the dancers in his video. It’s tasteless and degrading.

More people need to stand up and speak up when crap like this is projected out there because clearly people in the media industry just don’t get it.

All they care about is profit because this isn’t art.

I intentionally didn't link MTV and others because I won't link crap like that to my blog.

However, I have discovered a link to Industry Ears which is an organization fighting stupidity like this, so here it is:

MTV, still clueless after all these years

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