Friday, August 4, 2006

Tapyeongdong-2 Missiles Moved? Good News or Just Yet Another Feint?

The latest reports are that North Korea has moved its Tapyeongdong-2 missile “somewhere else”. Granted, that’s not very precise, but that’s all the news reports are saying.

According an article on the Korea Times website,

The removal, if found to be true, is expected to help soothe the tensions between North and South Korea sparked by the North's missile launches, as the presence of the second missile at the launch site was believed to be a sign of additional missile launches.
Honestly, I’m not so sure what is being planned by the north. If it is an indication that the north wants to ease tensions, that would be nice.

However, I won’t hold my breath as they’ve mastered the art of the bait and switch, and I don't know how many have faith in the good will of any North Korean actions.

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