Friday, October 10, 2008

Look to the Stars Mentioned in USA Today

Yeah! Another great distraction from politics! (I'm actively looking for distractions these days.) Look to the Stars, a website I contribute to from time to time that talks about the charitable work of celebrities, got mentioned a couple of days ago in USA Today.

Celebrity status yields charity action

From traveling the world to playing gigs, many celebrities parlay fame into opportunities to help others. The charity work means even more when it grows out of a personal connection, as these four celebrities found.

Among places to find more information on celebrities and charities: The site allows users to find out which charities their favorite celebrities support, offering interviews and news updates. Users can search the site's database by cause, celebrity or charity. The Giving Back Fund encourages and advises entertainers and athletes on establishing charities. It also produces and annual list of top celebrity donors. The fund is preparing case histories on celebrity philanthropists, which it plans to post online. The coalition is composed of celebrities who lobby for various causes, particularly First Amendment issues, education and the arts. ...

There is a section of the article that talks about four celebrities and their charity activity, so click over for that.

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