Sunday, October 5, 2008

Podcast Picks of the Week - 10/05/2008

My podcast addiction goes on. It's only my second week posting podcast picks, but I don't know how frequent it will be because it's a pain keeping track and then having to double back to find the link. I just subscribe to a bunch and that means they download and sync to my iPod automatically. Then if the podcast moves me, then I go back to find the link to post here. I'm going to see if just going directly to the sites rather than through iTunes helps me with speed. For some sites that's not an option and for others it is. We'll see. Clearly, I need an assistant ;)

This week's picks:
On the Media - September 26th.
On the Media - October 3rd.

I think the On the Media podcast will become a regular pick simply because it's a good selection of interesting media stories. One really good story was on the Media Bloggers Association and another good one was on the website.

Slate is on the list again. This week it's definitely my favorite podcast: Slate's Political Gabfest. Last week's Sept. 26th's podcast was titled, The Jittery Ball of Sunshine Gabfest. They're just smart and funny. Smart is good when you have smart and insightful things to say but also don't take yourself too seriously.

I also figured out Slate's Today's Papers Textcast. It took me a try or two to figure out the concept behind it. There is no sound. It's just text summaries of news stories from daily papers. It's good for getting a quick summary of what papers are talking about. With your iPod you just click the middle button three times and there you can read the text summaries.

Another pick is from Bill Moyer's Journal: Andrew J. Bacevich. Professor Bacevich has a best selling non-fiction book titled: The Limits of Power: The End of American Exceptionalism. He's a conservative historian who now teaches at Boston College, but seeing this podcast* got me to buy his book. It also made me notice his new post on the Huffington Post. Check it out: Sarah Palin and John Winthrop.

* I downloaded the video podcast and not the audio one.

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