Friday, October 31, 2008

Peru's shamans send US election vibes

This is great. I was up early this morning and saw a clip about Peruvian shamans performing rituals so that the US presidential candidate they believe will win will be successful.

Even among these 11 Peruvian shamans, Obama is in the lead: 9 to 2.

This also reminds me of the purifying rituals that Mayan priests died back in 2007 when George W. Bush visited Guatemala.

I couldn't find video, so I recorded it with my digital camera. Click here for the BBC link.

Uploaded by ExpatJane

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  1. Disgusting

    I am Peruvian and the images of this ceremony have disgusted me. The people who portrait to be real "Shamans" look totally fake -they act like they are in some circus entertaining their patrons, and they are wearing mixed regalia from Peru's Andes, Amazon and coastal regions at the same time. Real Shamans don't do that.

    Also one can tell by the theatrical ways these "Shamans" behave in this fake ceremony, that they are overreacting and doing it to impress the press. I have met real Shamans and they are not people who would expose themselves to the media, in a way that people will mock them. Shamans are wise people who teach others and live to spread the truth.

    Whoever organized this fake ceremony are bad intentioned individuals and they must have done this for money, which is what would determine if a Shaman is real or not. In Lima, fake Shamans are abundant as they use Native religions and natural medicine tradition, as a way to make a living --scamming people with their lies.

    Native faith is not a circus, and this ceremony was totally fake. Too bad this is all around the world right now. And some still think racism in Peru is over -- Would the BBC or AP produce a video with a Catholic mass or a Muslim service with fake priests asking for protection to the US presidential candidates?

  2. Probably not. I did get the feeling that it seem staged. I mean how is it that the BBC just happened to trip over Peruvian shamans with pics of Obama and McCain doing a ritual on the shore?

    Since I don't know what the rituals and beliefs are, as you can tell, my fraud meter wasn't well tuned on this one.

    Thanks for commenting and pointing out that it's staged.


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