Saturday, October 11, 2008

Podcast Picks of the Week - 10/11/2008

I've got political fatigue, so my podcast picks this week are video ones.

I just can't take anymore political analysis! (That's probably because my mind is more than made up, so I'm just over it and want my replacement absentee ballot so I can vote.)

Man and Wife is hilarious. It's Fat Man Scoop and his wife Shanda giving sex and relationship advice. They've been doing this for over a year and now have an MTV version of the show. I've not seen the MTV version. I honestly can't imagine how they top the podcast version when Scoop is swearing and saying words that will earn you FCC fines in every episode (and it's funny.)

Anyway, I spent this week going from their first episode to their most current one. Some episodes are funnier than others but I just love this podcast. I also have to say having a positive representation of a marriage between a black man and black woman is great. Too many times it's negative stereotypes being thrown about and these two buck that negative trend. I'm hooked.

I'm going to state it plainly. It's explicit. They're talking about sex and it's not in the middle school sex education way of doing it. So if that's not your cup of tea, then don't click over.

Another one that had me cracking up was from SlateV, which is's video podcasts: C'mon, Move to Canada! Now I know it's a joke to them, but, seriously...if I have to face another four years having someone I just can't stand and truly don't understand as the president of the USA, I'm moving to Canada.

That's pretty much it. Last week they bumped up Slate's Political Gabfest a day early. It was only around 12 or so minutes. All they talked about was the debate. And, well, I'm burnt out, so I wasn't feeling it. Maybe next week that will change. However, it was still interesting. It was just, blah, for me: The Couples Therapy Gabfest.

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  1. I am SO WITH YOU. I've been studying German extra-extra seriously just in case I have to apply for citizenship!

    I'm now convinced that, barring an actual terrorist attack on American soil, Obama will win in a landslide. What I'm praying for now (as only an agnostic can) is fo him to have the wisdom to appoint brilliant advisors with loads of common sense and a healthy dose of compassionate liberalism (as opposed to "compassionate conservatism", which I think we have had enough of).

    This is the same prayer I had for George W. Bush when it became clear he would be our next president. Unfortunately, God does not appear to have heard my plea to help George W. Bush have wisdom and compassion. I hope he is paying better attention now.

    Thanks for the tip on FedEx for mailing absentee ballots by the way. I googled "express mail for absentee ballots" and was the first one that came up, which is how I found your blog.

    P.S. While my blog isn't terribly political, if you're interested in reading an expat perspective on life in modern Germany, you might want to check it out at

  2. Hahahaha...yeah. Unless I marry a Korean I'll have to consider Canada as my next stop if McCain wins ;)

    Truly, if that one wins it's indicating some deep, deep psychological pathology in the heart of the American voter.

    I've been blogging for awhile now, so I show up in the searches pretty high up (yeah!!!! - it's all about of my evil plan to start a devil blog...muhahahahahahaha...)

    In all seriousness though, I truly think Obama is going to win it though. McCain has shown he's got the decision making skill of a 5-year old when he's under pressure. Hell, actually, I'm insulting 5-years by saying that.


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