Sunday, November 16, 2008

Konglish Moment: Eye Remover

I was at work grabbing a snack in the convenience store when I saw the clerk reading this:

I had to snap a picture.

Like all fashion magazines, it had a feature on beauty products. This was about various types of eye makeup removers, but, well, this being Korea I guess "makeup" was just too difficult to put into the description.

At least it gave me a laugh.

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  1. Better than a poke with a sharp stick, probably. :)

  2. You see, I don't know about that. It says "best eye remover". I'm thinking eye makeup removers full of chemicals will definitely hurt, but you'll still have your eye. Now a sharp stick, that will do the trick right away. ;)

  3. I've tried a ton of eye makeup removers, but is this a joke(?). Eye Remover?? I love my eyes more than my husband do. ;)

    Thanks Expatjane for sharing this pic, and last in your words "At least it gave me a laugh."

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  4. Only because your comment was on point did I let that link slide in ;)

    It's Korean English, Konglish, in action. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately because it provides a giggle, it permeates Korean society from top to bottom.

    For example, you have both fashion designers and young girls calling dresses "one pieces" instead of using dresses. My theory is that comes from Korea being a fabric manufacturing hub, so a lot of ready to wear clothes were made here back in the day. Instead of teaching the workers "dress", someone used "one piece" and it stuck. It stuck so hard that you now hear it used on the Korean version of Project Runway by high end Korean designers. That's all theory. It might be that in some English speaking country they say "one piece" instead of "dress", but it still irks the hell out of me when I hear it.

    I just have to laugh 'cause, well, no matter how many times I try to correct it the response ranges from someone either ignoring me or actually haggling with me over it. Eh...just laugh, they tend not to listen ;)


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