Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Choices, choices

[...grumble...] Save me from the CNN onslaught of talking heads. Sorry.

Pretty much after Nov. 4th, I'm simply sick of the political "analysis" that I see on TV. It's more second guessing Obama's choices coupled with political posturing than any real analysis. Cease...!(okay, the sound is off.)

Now to the topic.

I've decided that I'm out of here: "out of here" meaning finally leaving South Korea. At least that's what I thought I had decided until I got two interview requests back to back today. To balance out the two interview requests, I'm also literally between two paying writing assignments one from back home and the other from Hong Kong. It's an interesting juxtaposition. I chose not to renew my current contract, and I've been nothing but half-assed in applying to new jobs. I've been much more excited looking at the job boards back home, shopping for apartments online and anticipating my return to the States.

That's for a few reasons, but mostly it's because I want to go home and get on with the rest of my life on both a personal and professional level.

But there is that tension: the safety of the certain and predictable vs. the presumed danger of the uncertain and unpredictable.

I'm not really seeking advice as much as thinking it out as I type. I just know I'm certain to get a job offer. Once I've gotten through the evaluation process, it's truly rare that I don't get the offer. So either I cancel the interviews or go to be "safe". If I go then I'm faced with the decision of saying "yes" or "no" at a later date.

I just know that in the next few days I'll have to make a choice that will lock things down one way or the other. That's both exciting but also quite scary.

Choices, choices.

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  1. Sounds like you know what you want to do, here's hoping the right opportunity presents itself soon!

  2. Yeah, I know. But even I, someone who has taken a few chances, likes routine and the known. So I'm just a bit anxious ;)

  3. Well, thanks. It's not 100% settled just yet.

  4. Say it ain't so! I'll miss your stories living in ROK. How long have you lived here?

  5. wow (!!)

    i wish you the best. i'm just a little jealous that you seem to know what you want to do. :-)


  6. Yeah, possibly. I did get into a huge panic and decided to go today's interview and will probably go to the one tomorrow too. The thought of cancelling threw me into serious fear of making the decision final. I know what I want to do, but change isn't quite as easy for me as it was years ago.

  7. Regina,

    We'll be heading back to the U.S. in just a couple of weeks. It will have been 3 years for us. We're bittersweet about leaving, but will also enjoy rediscovering the U.S.

    We'll eventually land in Chicago (Obama-town !). If you go back, do you have a specific destination in mind ?


  8. The odds are very strong for NY, NY ;)

    It's the last "to do" thing on my list (outside of stuff like, well, settle down and get married).

    Three weeks? That's very soon. Seriously, I might write you for repatriation advice. I freak out a little every time I think about all the little and big things I'll need to get done.

  9. NYC is very fun and I'm sure you'll have a blast.

    My sister just got back from a 2-year ex-pat stint in Bangalore and has settled back into flat in Manhattan, just north of SOHO.

    I haven't visited NYC since we moved to Seoul 3 years ago. Time for another trip when we get back !

  10. Soho? I'll just admit how jealous I am now. I'll be happy if I can afford far north Manhattan ;)

  11. Go girl!

    Wishing you nothing but the best.

    This Time Now


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