Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Nerves and Anxiety...Finally

I've been so very cool during most of this campaign. At least, when it comes to the discussion of Obama winning because I believe he will. By this time tomorrow, we'll know.

It's morning in the States now. Polls are open on the east coast and I was watching news coverage of people lining up a couple of hours ago.

I'd decided to get some grading out of the way because tomorrow I will be an excited and distracted mess. I was plugging away when suddenly I felt overwhelmingly nauseous. I had something pretty plain for dinner, so I know it's not what I ate. It seems I've finally gotten a case of pre-election stress disorder ;)

So to feel like I'm helping in some way being so far away, for you folks in the US check out these steps from MoveOn.org for election day 2008.

Election 2008 Voting Information

Today, November 4th, is Election Day! Remember to vote--not just for Barack Obama, but for Congressional, state and local candidates as well.

Where and when do I vote?

Find your polling place, voting times, and other important information by checking out these sites and the hotline below. These resources are good, but not perfect. To be doubly sure, you can also contact your local elections office.

What should I do before I go?

  • After you've entered your address on either Vote For Change or Vote411, read the voting instructions and special rules for your state.
  • Voting ID laws vary from state to state, but if you have ID, bring it.
  • Check out all the voting myths and misinformation to look out for: http://truth.voteforchange.com/

What if something goes wrong?

  • Not on the voter list? Make sure you're at the right polling place, then demand a provisional ballot.
  • If you're voting on an electronic machine with a paper record, verify that the record is accurate.
  • Need legal help? Call 1-866-OUR-VOTE
  • Try to get video of the problem and submit it to VideoTheVote.org

Want to do more?

  • Text all of your friends: "Vote Obama today! Pass it on!"
  • Volunteer at your local Obama office. Find an office here or here.
  • Make calls from home for Obama.

Now everybody go vote!!!

Barack the Vote ;)

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