Sunday, November 9, 2008

Time To Take The White People’s Guns!

Heh...hat tip to my college buddy Jeff, who is white, and to Ken Layne of Wonkette, who is white too ;) I'm disclosing their race so that you shell shocked "you're playing the race card" freaks don't invade my comment section. White guys shared the video and get the humor, so it's okay, right?


When you see over the top posts like this the day after such an historic election where the margin of victory was clear (a 7 point lead in the popular vote, one the hugest electoral victories ever, and a Congress that is now a nice dark blue) it really makes you wonder about some people.

BTW, I'm not saying this ill conceived response to the election was made because the president-elect is black.

I honestly have no idea why it was likened to Pearl Harbor by its title, but, whatever the reasoning, it's pure hyperbole. And hyperbole masked as free speech is an American right, so have at it.

To the creators of this video, thanks for making a funny short, and, since I've got a right to free speech too, I can reply by using it.

Because really, is the fact that he's black THAT serious? I'm glad Obama's race wasn't for 53% of the voters on November 4th.

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Original link: Get Your War On: New World Order

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