Saturday, November 8, 2008

Obama and the Front Pages

It's Sunday morning here and I've got a bit of a post-party headache. That makes it a good time to reach back and get to some stuff I've been meaning to post.

The day after president-elect Obama's victory, I left my digital camera at home. Duh! Considering I always have it in my purse that was a brilliant move. So I had to snap photos of South Korean newspaper front pages with my cell phone camera.

Forgive the blurriness.

Here is another link called Obama Grabs Headlines. It has covers from all around the world and they're nice and clear ;)

If you keep clicking the next links at the bottom there is a great picture of two little boys sitting on their respective father's shoulders. It looks like they were in Chicago's Grant Park to hear Obama's victory speech.

One, a young white boy, has an Obama-Biden sign and the other, a young black boy, doesn't have a sign. The black boy looks back at him in the first shot and in the following shots you see the white boy hand his sign to the other. Then there is the last shot where they're both holding the sign with one hand and make the peace sign with their free hand.

The title, A New Hope, warms my geeky Star Wars dork heart.

It's very cute in that overly saccharin "this is a new hope for tomorrow" kind of way, but there is nothing wrong with being saccharin when the moment merits it. Someone was watching and snapped photos through the whole process and managed to capture a great moment. I'm intentionally silencing my impulse to make a sarcastic remark about any possible future interaction between these two boys. I'm not the only one trying to roll back the cynicism...well, he's not really, but that's what the title says ;)


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