Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Wave the Stars and Stripes

A picture of the Stars and Stripes with the Blue Angels flying above it (the Blue Angels are an elite Navy flying team. They perform across the USA. I used to go see them every year when they'd come to San Francisco. They're great.)

This idea started when Lisa from Santa Barbara made a comment on Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, a NYTimes op-ed piece by Frank Rich. I heard about the comment on an online forum.

She said:

If Senator Obama wins the election on Tuesday, on Wednesday I will go and buy an American Flag and hang it in front of my home. It is something I have never done in my 50 year old life.

— Lisa, Santa Barbara, CA
In contrast to Lisa, I do have an American flag. I've hung it before. I solemnly hung it the day after 9/11. I was living in a suburb of Daegu, South Korea at that time. Of course, I did that to commemorate the lives lost and changed during those attacks. I was inspired seeing the world console a grieving USA. Unfortunately, after 9/11 my government chose to act in the worst way possible while showing the no respect for rules, standards and institutions our country had, ironically, been central in creating.

However, the polls are getting ready to close on the east coast of the USA and as the hours go on, we'll know the results.

I've placed the Stars and Stripes next to my big front window. It's ready to go. It just might see some action soon.

If you think it's a good idea too. Spread the word.

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  1. We won! I'm crying, but for a much different reason than last time.

  2. A flag has flown most of the year in front of my house for the past three years.

    Regardless who our President is, or whether or not I agree with our policies, I have a deep regard for our constitution and especially The Bill of Rights.

    So unlike Lisa from Santa Barbara, I've never been embarrassed to fly the flag. Tomorrow, in honor of the marvelous win of Barak Obama, I'm going out and buying a brand new flag.

  3. mama - yeah, I got caught on camera crying at a victory party (the Korean press was there.)

    Kalani - I think it's great you could maintain your enthusiasm. My flag is up now and I'm glad to see it there because it represents so much.

  4. Congrats Jane...

    I know how much this means to so many. I just wish it had been Condi to break the double-paned glass ceiling. ;)

    Maybe in '12..one can always hope....

    I am fully in support of OUR President. Our system requires a sense of solidarity and trust. Something not shown to Bush, who history will prove has had to govern during a very trying time.

    President Obama will also need our support, as times are not easy. He will have mine.

  5. Damn Jane -

    I didn't even get a flag after 09/11. I figured it was, well, a fad. But last night - I was a thinkin "I'm gonna get me a flag." So good, bad, right, or wrong for my lack of visual patriotism in the past - I gonna hop over to Wally World and get me one now.... (Seriously I am.) I'm pretty darn proud and grateful too!

  6. A blight on you for your lack of patriotism! ;)

    I have to say it makes me feel good to see the Stars and Stripes converting the light to a rosy hue in my living room. Plus, it's big sliding window, which is right over the spot where Miss Kitty sleeps, so it's just kinda of cute seeing my cat curled up just under it.

    But yes, go out and get a flag. They do come in handy when you want a visual signal of American nationalism.


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