Thursday, November 13, 2008

Operation Survivor - Survivor Corps and TroopTube

I got an email from Dani Sevilla of Survivor Corps, which is "a global network of people helping each other to overcome the effects of war and conflict and give back to their communities."

They want me to help spread the word about their program for U.S. veterans and service members, Operation Survivor. That's a no-brainer, of course.

Here is the info on their Operation Survivor program:

Social Media News Release

Donate Today to Help Our Returning Troops! Donate Now! Survivor Corps

Survivor Corps Supports Returning
Troops and Their Families!

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Operation Survivor

Ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan are creating a generation of veterans in the United States from all branches of the armed services and all 50 states who are struggling to overcome physical and psychosocial injuries. Most combat veterans convalescing in military hospitals across the country will survive physically, but getting on with their lives after returning home to their families and communities is proving a significant challenge for hundreds of thousands. Among the 1.6 million who have served since 2001, suicide is on the rise, as is unemployment and incidents of substance abuse and domestic violence.

Captain Scott Quilty

The successful reintegration of returning service members is an issue that will have a long-lasting impact on American society, and may become the single defining struggle facing this new generation of veterans. Survivor Corps and its partners are determined to avoid the mistakes made when veterans returned from Vietnam, which resulted in tens of thousands of post-war suicides and over 200,000 men and women living on the streets.

To head off this tragic outcome, Survivor Corps will build peer support programs at the community level that will bring service members and veterans together for mutual support and encourage both individual responsibility and collective action to help others in need.

Survivor Corps is offering an alternative “treatment” that can be made readily available in all communities, regardless of proximity to traditional military or government centers of support. Our approach is nimble enough to address the needs of individual survivors, while still broad enough to build a coalition of survivors and service providers working to effect long-term positive change.

This new program will help the recovery and reintegration of hundreds of thousands of returning U.S. service members at a critical time for them and their country.

Also, here is a link to Troop Tube. I saw a report on it last night on CNN. Basically, it's the US military's response to YouTube. So many families are separated and this is a great way to keep in touch. They have it broken down by the different divisions of the armed forces and they even have a section for troop supporters for people who want to just send messages to let all the troops know how much we appreciate what they're doing.

So I highly recommend clicking on both links.


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