Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Construction noise? Here, have some laundry detergent!

Update: March 7, 2008 @ 2:08pm

Now that's fast.

Last night I got home and the building across the road is completely leveled. That's not bad for around two days of work.

The lot will probably be completely clear by the time I get home tonight.


The folks across from my apartment are basically doing what a lot of building owners are doing. They're ripping down the old brick structure and rebuilding it. I noticed this trend a few months ago when fliers were being left on all the little villas in my neighborhood. Now in Korea a villa isn't a plush estate like the ones you'll find the south of France. Instead they're two story apartments usually with a basement unit too.

Here is a shot of the old and new side-by-side:

As I said, this is happening all over my neighborhood. So I wasn't surprised to see a bit of activity across the narrow lane that separates us. Since I'm back at work, I'm usually gone before the real noise starts.

Imagine my surprise last night as I was watching Superbad when my doorbell rang and my landlord presented me with this:

I was confused at first. Why would I be getting a huge tub of laundry detergent? Are my whites not as bright as usual?

No, it ends up that the tub of detergent was a present from the owners across the way who know the construction noise is going to be hellish. I thought it was cute.

At least the neighbors ante up and give you something here in Korea. I didn't get crap all when something similar happened when I lived in San Francisco. However, maybe I won't think it's cute on Mondays which are my days off because I usually spend the mornings on my days off at home.

This is what I saw this morning as I was leaving for work:

Yikes...they plan on making a lot of noise for the next few days. At least, my clothes are guaranteed to be fresh and clean ;)

BTW, Superbad is bad ass. See it.

I am McLovin. (hahahahahahaha...)

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