Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Seoul Fashion Week, Day Three

Like I said, I didn't go to the shows at Seoul Trade Exhibition Center today. However, I did catch Jain Song's, 송자인's, collection at Daily Projects in Apgujeong.

Daily Projects is an AMAZING space. At least, it looked nice at night. On the link check the "Garden 1F" page. That gives you wide shots but it still doesn't capture how it looked tonight.

During the show my diabetes reminded me that running too much will get me in trouble. My blood sugar crashed in the middle of the show so badly that after the show I had a can of Welch's grape soda in one hand and a can of lemon lime soda in the other, so the best video I have is from the start of the show. Once that insulin reaction hit full force the shots I got were just horrible.

It's late and I have a couple more that aren't bad. Since I shot the video sideways you get a full picture of the outfits. I couldn't get that right side up. However, it's late now, I'm tired and it's sleepy time.

Update: March 20, 2008 12:15pm

Okay, I've had a chance to flip the videos upright, so here are two with full length shots of what I saw last evening.

Here is the Daily Projects blog. They take orders via email, both domestic and international.

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