Thursday, March 20, 2008

Seoul Fashion Week, Day Four

Another partial day for me at Seoul Fashion Week. I got to see two really great shows in the evening, Lee Ju Young, 이주영, and Lie Bong Sang, 이상봉. Both of these designers had exciting and unconventional collections. Lee Ju Young has a love for hard rock music which is apparent in designs and was also apparent in her show. With her clothes you could step out and go to a club or concert. Lie Bong Sang's collection seemed to be like art you can wear. That means some pieces seemed to be more experimental than not, but it was very pretty collection with lots of circle patterns and florals.

moi and Lee Ju Young

I had a chance to interview Lee Ju Young and, like the other designer interviews, it will end up on the FeetManSeoul site.

Here is video from the end of Lee Ju Young's show. She had quite a few celebrities walking down the runway for her. However, since Korean isn't my first language, I'm going to have to look the spelling of their names up. I'll post that info here later. Here is a link to the website for her collection Resurrection.

I was scheduled to interview Lie Bong Sang but tonight everyone was in hyper mode tonight. Even though I had no problem with waiting for him, between parties that were happening later on, lots of peer pressure and a bit of fatigue from the people working there, I didn't get a chance to speak with him tonight. However, I'm hoping I'll be able to track him down sometime soon. We'll see.

Here is video from the end of the Lie Bong Sang show.

I'll be taking Friday off. The general buzz is this weekend is what's going to be kickin'. Tomorrow there will be no fashion week shows for me, but there will be fashion week parties this evening for sure.

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