Monday, March 10, 2008

The VICE Guide to North Korea

I got an email about this from Rory over at VBS TV.

I'll just go ahead an quote his email pretty much in full.

The VICE Guide to North Korea on

Hey ExpatJane,

Yeah it's not just the NY Philharmonic who is getting in. VICE decided a few months ago that as far as stories go, this was one we wanted to do. So what else to do but lie and call yourself a tourist and then start filming.

We are pulling the curtain back and shedding light on the darkest of countries, not just giving viewers spoon fed images like the government staged image in the New York Times. Those do nothing to capture what the hell is really going on there like our series does.

It's 14 parts cause its a big story to tell, here are clips that are some of the more bizarre.

The VICE Guide to North Korea

Episode 3 - Fine dinning at a hall, the only problem, there are no people.

Episode 5 - The uncomfortableness of being the only customer.

If you want to show your viewers they can follow the epic saga here and see all the episodes as they roll out -

I've looked at parts of the site but haven't been able to dive into it all. It's been a busy day. I interviewed Alexandre Kolinka this evening...oh, how exciting!

Anyway, check it out and report back if I missed something really interesting on this site.

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