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Seoul Fashion Week, Day Six

Update: May 7, 2008 @ 4:49pm

Finally, an interview has been published. I'll post more as they're uploaded on the FeetManSeoul site.

Korean Fashion Designer Profiles: Hwang Jae Bock


There is no day five because I didn't go to a show on Friday. Instead, when I left work, I ran home because I'd left my cell phone behind that morning. After writing and answering some emails, I headed out to the other side of town to party and spend time with some of the cool folks I've met this week. That was fun because I rarely spend my time south of the Han River. The group I was with made our way back to my side of town later for a party. However, the end of my evening was showing a journalist I met around the big shopping centers of Dongdaemun and that translated into me not getting to sleep until just before 5am. It was all great fun.

I headed back the shows on Saturday and saw a few shows. I took it easy though and out of eight shows I only saw four: Hwang Jae-bock, 황재복; Jeone Mi-young, 전미영; Yang Hee-deuk, 양희득; and Jung Hun-jong, 저혼종.

Hwang Jae-bock's show was great. It was a great way to start a Saturday. She designs beautiful gowns for formal events and celebrity weddings, and even the most cynical girl likes a pretty gown.

She had celebrity Ahn Seon-yeung, 안선영, a comedic actress, modeling in her show.

Here are a couple of videos from her show.

I've got to edit quite a few more video clips from other shows and don't be impressed. By "edit" I mean use a program to flip the video upright. I shoot most shows sideways to get full shots of the outfits on the runway. However, it takes time to edit and upload so this post will evolve with me adding the video clips over the next few days.

Here is video from Jeone Mi-young, 전미영. Her collection is college Lilycomes. I got a chance to sit next to her at the dinner Seoul Fashion Week had for buyers and press. She's a nice lady. We also interviewed her for FMS, so that interview will get posted as soon as it's edited and translated.

Ms. Jeone had a collection of really great dresses with a lot of vibrant patterns and sensuous fabrics. I'm telling you, these Korean designers really know how to make pretty dresses.

The end of her show:

Now for the life of me, I didn't get the Yang Hee-deuk, 양희득, collection. It was a lot of bright colors over bright leggings that you have been able to order from Capezio Dancewear for years. You can't like them all. I mean kudos for throwing the color combos out there, but I didn't see much design or marketability. However, he's got previous collections that do show his design talent.

Here are two clips from the Jung Hun-jong, 저혼종, collection. This was another one that I wasn't feeling. I'm not into over sized appliqués and this collection was full of huge gaudy roses sewed on to otherwise lovely dresses. Since I love pairing red and black together, this collection hurt my otherwise fashion forward sensibilities.

Here is the start:

Here is the end:

Day 6 wasn't a consistently great day for me. However, this is about sharing what I saw, so opinions may differ.

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