Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Seoul Fashion Week, Day Eight

Yesterday I was just tired and so ready for it to be over. I think I wouldn't have been so tired if it wasn't basically a week of me having two jobs. I was at work teaching in the day and in the evenings I was at the shows and interviewing people. Because the show went through the weekend that means I was there Saturday, Sunday and Monday too (Mondays are my days off.) I'm looking forward to next weekend where I'll make sure to give myself a whole day to myself.

Here is a picture of me, Korean-American signer Park Jeong-hyun and her friend backstage before the last major designer Gee Choon Hee's, 지춘희, show.

moi, Lena aka Jeong-hyun Park (박정현), and friend

In the meantime to entertain you, if you don't know who Lena Park is, here is a video from YouTube of her performing the Eagles classic Desperado at the Korea-Japan Friendship Music Festival in 2005.

I'll add fashion videos soon. Right now I'm in heavy edit and upload mode.

Update 1 - April 3, 2008 @11:20am:

Okay, it's been a few days off from fashion week editing for me. Between a fair amount of social engagements last week and Club Spektra (covered here by FMS), I was just tired when I finally made it home. However now it's time to flip and crop these videos so you can get a feel for what I saw. I'll just add them as I go.

Miss Gee just had an onslaught of tasteful retro inspired clothes coming down the runway. One of my favorites is Barry White. So when the show started off with one my favorite songs from him "Let the Music Play" it was hard to suppress the desire to want to dance around. Of course, I didn't and was able to satiate that desire by looking at the lovely garments coming down the runway.

I also discovered 박희현, Park Hee-hyon, who was one of the runway models. I really liked her look because she has a more authentic look. Yes, I alluding to the excess of eyelid surgery and stuff like that - although she just might have a nose job, it's hard to tell.

Here are a couple of video slices of what I saw.

The start of the Miss Gee F/W 08/09 show:

The end of the Miss Gee F/W 08/09 show:

Here is the beginning of the Lee Young Hee, 이영희, show. She had a great selection of pretty semi-formal and formal dresses and gowns.

Here is the end of the Maison de Lee Young Hee show. She had some wonderful Asian inspired evening gowns. If you can spot it, pause on the strapless hanbok one. I thought it was a lovely dress in what was a lovely collection.

The start and end of the Edward Shin, 신영재, collection, Publicka. The website is embarrassingly sparse, so don't expect to see much. However, if you're Korean you might want to register to see what's there after you register.

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