Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Seoul Fashion Week, Day Two

Update: October 25, 2008 @ 3:30pm

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I had to work today, so I was only able to make it to a couple of the evening shows at Seoul Fashion Week. I figured today would be really good as it was the last day for men's fashion. It pretty much was.

I had a chance to see two shows, Choi Bum Suk, 최범석, and Song Zio, 송지오. I also had a chance to interview both of them. Those interviews will find their way to the FeetManSeoul site soon.

The treat was the great fashion but also the celebrities showing up. The problem is I keep a far distance the celebrity thing. I know who my favorites are, but, beyond that, I wouldn't know a Korean celebrity if one was right in front of me. It's happened a few times that I've met someone socially not knowing who they were and the people around me are frantically either trying to act cool or they're trying to get me up to speed so that I know I'm talking to so-and-so. I like being wonderfully clueless about the celebrity world. If it's someone I've met a few times over, they seem to appreciate that I don't seem to care much about their notoriety.

One bad thing and this is a constant in Korea with just about every international event: the English is horrible. Because the shows are scheduled so close together, when I've signed up to interview a designer I'll pretty much miss the next show. That means I had time to go through the Lookbook and the designer's concept booklet. Both were over flowing with errors. Seoul Fashion Week is still developing and the designs are so good that I'm sure they'll get more international attention with each show. I just hope that for the next one they hire a competent English editor. (Hint, hint...I'm free.)

I'm not even going to compare the two shows I saw. The designers were totally different and both shows had wonderful clothes.

Choi Bum Suk's, show was very young and fresh. It had a classic rustic influence with lots of plaids and traditional winter patterns, but he changed up the dimensions and jazzed the clothes up with lots of color. This video clip is of the start of his show.

Me and 최범석

Song Zio's show was much more dynamic but structured. He stuck to primary colors, like black and white.
Me and 송지오

The colors he did use were subdued taupes, olive greens and grays. He also had a great treat as two of the models were Korean celebrities.

The crowd gasped and the flashes went off as Cha Seung-won, 차승원, started off the show and there were more gasps as Kim Heung-soo, 김흥수, was at the end of the cycle.
Cha Seung-won

Here is video of the end of Song Zio show. Mr. Cha is the first model and Mr. Kim is the last model.

Sorry for the over exposure in both videos. I think between my bad photography skills and tons of flashes going off, it's just how it is.

I'll be taking tomorrow off from the shows, so I'll give another update on Thursday. The women's collections I'm sure are going to be tons of fun to see too.

Okay, it's been another long day and it's time for bed.

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  1. Wow! You're rockin' it! Look at you! You look GOOOOOOOD!!!
    I love that scarf. I want that scarf. Please send me that scarf... or one just like it. :0)

  2. Oh that scarf...

    Well, should I see one like it again, sure. However, the thing about shopping in Korea is, if you like it you better buy it then. There is no guarantee that when you go back it will be there. There is also no guarantee that the merchant will be there either.

    I learned the hard way after falling in love with some stuff, thinking "I'll go back to get more" and after going back not being able to find the vendor or the merchandise.

  3. wow, lucky you that you went to see seoul fashion week. i wish i was there ^_^

  4. Thanks but this post is from Seoul Fashion Week in March of this year, so it's impossible to be "there". ;)


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