Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Allez les Bleus!!! Go France, Go!!!

That's one big t-shirt!

Congratulations to the French national soccer team for beating Portugal and making it to the World Cup 2006 finals!

It's going to be a great game against Italy which is going to happen on July 9th. That will be July 10th at 3am here in Seoul. I'm all for the underdog prevailing. As both France and Italy were pegged as underdogs one will prevail, but I must admit my preference goes to France. France was viewed as an old team that wouldn't be able to hold their own against the younger teams. Well, I like that skill and experience has, so far, prevailed over youthful bravado. Also, you have to give it to France for stepping up as the tournament went on and increasing the level of their game.

Plus, I have a bias as I've always leave magical Paris with great memories and positive feelings. I would love to see them rejoice in another World Cup championship.

The bad thing about being in the northeast Asia region is the games are on at horribly late hours which is doing a number on my sleep patterns. However, being pretty much a confirmed football nut now, I had to stay up and watch it. I napped during the day but still faded into a nice sleep after halftime. I awoke hoping that either Portugal didn't score at all, or, if they did, that the French team answered back with their own goal. My wish was confirmed when I saw the headlines of today's news.

It's great to see the French celebrate especially when the odds were 12 to 1 that France would make it this far. It's World Cup magic, and it's the biggest reason I've grown to love this game.

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  1. Hi Jane! Galaxy Girl here ;-)

    That sure is a mighty big jersey those people are holding. It makes it look like they are lilliputian. And yes, ALLEZ LES BLEUS!

  2. Things like that are so much fun! When I was at Seoul City Hall they kept passing a huge Korean flag over the crowd. Being under it was crazy because everyone was like "this thing is HUGE". It must have looked great on TV, but it was also so much fun to be in it and move it.


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