Tuesday, July 4, 2006

North Korea Launches Missles - oh no you dinnit Kim Jong-il!

Well, it looks like the news wires are reporting that North Korea (DPRK) did that missle test or launched that missle that everyone was telling them not to. They basically cut into the Germany v. Italy game and started announcing it. I'm groggy and in need of sleep, so I switched over to CNN to see what they had to say. So far the reports are there were three missles launched, but one failed.

Isn't it interesting that they chose to do these launches on the 5th of July here in Korea, but the 4th of July in the States? Also, they launched these missles right after we, the US, launced the Space Shuttle (that launch had been delayed a day or so). (And, btw, that's sarcasm. It's not particularly interesting as ...again... the DPRK is the playing the petulant child desperate for attention).

I'll post more later as the reports are just breaking right now, but here are some links. I've turned back to the game, and I'm desperately hoping for a score as they're in overtime now. I need some sleep! Oh, and just as I type this Italy scores...twice!!!


Okay, I got a few hours of sleep and wake up to see that the reports are that the DPRK has fired six missles. Lemme tell you a rant/commentary is coming, but now I have to get myself to the doctor for a check up.

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