Wednesday, July 5, 2006

Blogger Hiccups and a Hated Cristiano Ronaldo?

This has been a frustrating night/morning. I wrote my last post and tried to publish it as usual when my screen kept getting stuck in a publishing loop. I also wanted to post another photo with the last post, but the picture wouldn't upload. grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...

It was annoying because I wear an insulin pump, and I have to change my insulin connection. That's a ritual in which I run myself a nice warm bath and soak for a bit before reconnecting because between refilling my insulin and putting in a new infusion set it's showers only.

However, with it being the World Cup, I ran out of time as I wanted to post my writing, then reconnect. No worries as I'm armed with syringes in the interim.

I'm now watching the France v. Portugal match on TV. I'm not sure if I'm hearing this correctly. It could be the excited and deep roar of the crowd, but it sounds like the distinct roar of "boos" whenever Portugal's Cristiano Ronaldo, 17, gets the ball.

Now I know that the English hate him, but what did he do to the French?

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  1. those were english fans who had tickets booing him i think.

  2. hehehehehe...probably, because they were LOUD.


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