Tuesday, July 4, 2006

Come on England!!!

Well, I have to admit I was rooting for England to get further in the World Cup and hopefully provide a few upsets along the way. Alas, that didn't happen. I and others experienced the highs and definite lows of watching the England v. Portugal match at the Broughton Club in the British Embassy in Seoul. It was nice being with others because my neighbors wouldn't have cared much for the wails of frustration that would have come out of my apartment in the wee hours of the morning. FYI, the game started at 12am Sunday morning here.

It was also nice because being there allowed me to temper my frustration with many Boddingtons.

The BBC has a fun article highlighting ten things you can do with your England flag if you have one just hanging around with no purpose now that England has been eliminated. Since I'm American, I don't have one and thought it would be silly to run out and purchase one, but I can use a few of these suggestions for the US flag too since the US team was served a quick series of defeats at the World Cup.

Here are the suggestions:

1. Use them to dry your eyes.
2. Continue to display your England flag with pride (part I).
3. If you're a Sun reader you could consider using the flags as stuffing for an effigy of the newly-crowned "least popular man in the Premiership" Cristiano Ronaldo.
4. Recycle it.
5. Return them to China.
6. If you know anyone who's a dab hand with a sewing machine why not consider turning the flags into clothing and shipping them out to developing countries.
Did you notice these are getting meaner as we go? Maybe the writer was working on this while having one too many martinis?
7. Bleach flag, convert into cross of St Andrew*, get behind Andrew Murray.
8. Continue to display your England flag with pride (part II).
9. Try and get a refund or exchange.
10. Save them for next time.

*the cross of St. Andrew is on the flag of Scotland

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