Friday, July 21, 2006

Professor Kim's News Notes: Should racially-motivated violent rapes be national news?

Professor Kim's News Notes: Should racially-motivated violent rapes be national news?

This is a troubling blog entry that I just found out about today. It was posted on the news forum at Basically, two men brutally stabbed, raped and thought they'd murdered a 15 year old black girl. She laid still; they thought she was dead, so they went to get something to dispose of her body. That is when she was able to run to a house next door and someone there called the authorities.

I truly don't understand minds that work like this. What's worse is I don't understand a media which doesn't aggressively cover this sort of story and runs the same stories over and over all day long.

It's something that I think needs to get more attention. That's the main reason I'm posting it here on my blog, and that's why I put it up on

Being sad or upset is fine, but we have to do more than feel emotions. We need to mobilize to make sure people hear about the story. Head over to via the link below and "digg" the story so more folks will read about it.

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  1. Yes racially motivated rapes should be national news. Especially, in this case where there is some affiliation with the KKK. It's not as if the KKK is a local nemesis.

  2. Dear Expatjane.

    Thanks for the thread on the little 15 year-old black girl's attack.

    There is also another case of sexual assault involving an 11 year-old Latina by 10 players of Reedy College who are alledged to have assaulted her.

    If you go over to Stephanie's Journal, she has a thread on that case, too.

    You have an outstanding weblog.

    Keep up the good work!

    And once again, thanks.

  3. Thanks for the compliment and reference to the blog, but what's the web address for Stephanie's Journal?


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