Thursday, July 20, 2006

Presidential Popularity at an All Time Low? Okay, Go Hang Out With The Black People

You know, I knew this would happen. I'd start discussing international politics and then I'd end up being yet another web logger on an anti-Bush roll. I promise this will be the last for awhile, unless it's something so over the top that I can't ignore it.

Bush is now courting the black vote. This is a farce at its finest.

With Bush’s satisfaction poll numbers still very low and the November elections swiftly approaching, Bush finally decides to attend a National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) function.

Here is a video clip from ABC News.

While Bush was at this function, instead of talking about issues that impact the majority of African-Americans, he discussed his plans to repeal the estate tax and mentioned his friend Bob Johnson, who is the founder of Black Entertainment Television (BET). According to Think Progress this tax only affects 59, yes that’s 5 – 9 or 50 plus 9, African-Americans.

I know it didn’t affect me when my parents passed away because the estate has to be in excess of $2 million for it to be assessed. So why doesn’t Bush make it a priority to make sure that African-Americans have less barriers and more means to acquire estates valued at $2 million or more because then it would be an issue for us.

This is a clear case of putting the cart before the horse. There is good reason that only 11% of African-Americans voted for him, he just doesn’t seem to get it.

I’ve lost faith in the American voter, but I really hope that the African-Americans who do get off their butts and vote will not be taken in by these “too little, too late” overtures.

Okay, I'll try to make that my last Bush skewering for awhile.

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  1. LOL! I got a good laugh on this one!

    Bush? I truly think he will go down in history as the worst president in American history.

    On the "American voter" thing; I'm 35 and have never voted in my life. I just haven't had the confidence in anyone to vote for them ever.

    I swear if Colin Powell would run I'd vote for the first time. I promise!

    Oh, I stole your idea for that map tracker...LOL I thought that was pretty cool!


  2. I'm sure he'll be considered the worst, but what does that say about the people who support him? That's why I have so little faith in the American voter.

    As for voting, shame on you. You should vote.

    It's a weird irony. In the grand scheme of things one vote doesn't count. However, when everyone thinks their vote doesn't count and follow through by not voting, it makes a huge (and usually, negative) impact on elections.

    As for the map stuff, I stole the idea from other bloggers when I saw the cool mapping gizmos they have on their blogs. Plus, it helps friends and relatives get an idea of where I am on the globe. ;-)

  3. Oh my, oh my. Perhaps for his next trick he can speak in front of NOW and talk about how he plans to get Viagra fully paid for by Medicare.

    Not voting might be powerful if those with political clout woke up and realized how many people weren't voting, and took that as a motivator to change things. After all, the number of people not-voting is a pretty powerful indicator of public opinion too. Presidents are getting elected with about 25% of the country behind them, basically. It's shocking, and hardly a valid mandate to govern.

    Chances of change happening are slim, sadly.

  4. NOW is smart enough not to invite him or welcome him to NOW functions. I'm really upset that the NAACP invited him at all. However, it was because of Bob Johnson, who is the founder of that booty shaker travesty, Black Entertainment Television (BET) (with the programming that goes up on that channel, I'm amazed he has the nerve to be a political conservative).

    It's not a mandate to govern at all, but, as the rules stand now, if you win, you rule. It doesn't matter if only a handful of people turn out to vote. That small handful gets to impose its will on everyone else.

    That's why I vote. That's why not voting isn't powerful. It just makes it easier for the worst of the worst to be in power.

  5. Ooops, I just went to your site again John. I was wondering why someone in your line of work would map your location. meant the ClustrMaps. Yeah, I've always liked seeing that when I'm on various websites. It shows you how plugged in the world is.

    It is quite sad to see certain areas not have a lot of red dots though because that shows the exact opposite.

  6. I haven't voted because I don't think my vote doesn't count. I haven't voted because I haven't liked a candidate enough to vote for them.

    When one I think is good I'll vote. I just can't seem to force myself to vote for a man I dispise.

    Take it easy!


  7. Hey, you're a grown man, you can vote or not. I just feel strongly that everyone should vote.

    In addition to candidates, there are laws and funding measures that go on those ballots. You can skip the men and women you don't love, but take the time to vote for that measure that will fund schools or vote against that measure because it's not going to fund schools, but merely give the school superintendent a big raise.

    It's a democracy, so folks can choose to vote and they can choose to not to. Just realize when you don't there are consequences. If the Bush administration doesn't bring that home, I don't know what will.

  8. Wow, just found your blog and you deal with some great issues. Spent some time in Korea in the 80s and I've always seen correlations between AA and Korean culture. I'll be stopping by often.

  9. Well, thanks. It's one of the many new blogs on the block, so I'm posting a lot and trying to find a general direction. It seems that being a low level pundit might be that direction.

    There are tons of correlations between my culture and Korean culture. It's one reason I chose Korea over Japan.

    It's just that if I discuss them openly with people who haven't taken the time to think about it the initial reaction is to be offended. Folks are strange when you're dealing with history and culture.

    Again, thanks for stopping by and thanks for the nice comment!


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