Sunday, July 16, 2006

Lyfe Jennings - S.E.X.

Lyfe Jennings has a video called sex or, more accurately, S.E.X.

With such a song title, I'm sure you're expecting the worst, but the messesage is to abstain and wait to have sex. This message is one that is basically unseen in today's music scene which is full of scantily clad booty shakers selling more sex than song.

It's a message that needs to be said much more often than it is, therefore I've decided to share the YouTube link to the video here.

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  1. The message is definitely one that needs to get out more. It's the sole redeeming quality in this video IMO. (music, lyrics, videography, editing unremarkable -- says the old fogey who doesn't listen to most hip-hop or watch music videos)

  2. Well, I didn't like it much as a song, but I couldn't let that prevent me from posting it. ;-)

    The message trumps my tastes at this point because these gals gotta learn to say "no".


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