Monday, July 3, 2006

World Cup Vandalism - World Cup Silliness in Seoul

A Bit of World Cup Silliness From Seoul

There is such enthusiasm here in Seoul for the World Cup that folks are now vandalizing subway signs. Vandalism in Seoul is a rare thing in comparison to other big cities, so this gets attention.

The picture was taken by a classmate of mine at Ewha Womans University subway station. Thanks for the pic, So-eun! The Korean team's first match was against Togo on June 13th. Korea won 2:1, but somewhere in Seoul one of Togo's players has a fan committed enough to alter public property to spread his good name!

The Korean is altered from 이대 (that sounds like "E-dae") to 토고 아데바요르 (which sounds like "Togo Adebayoro"). This is some sort of homage to Emmaneul Adebayor who is on the Togo national football team and who plays in the English Premiership League for Arsenal.

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