Thursday, July 13, 2006

Leela James - This Woman Can Sing!

I discovered Leela James a few months ago. From what I've read Kanye West has been key in getting her to the mainstream. Great job, Kayne!

I love this woman because she takes me back to the time when singers were signed not only for their sex appeal, but because they could really sing. Also, I'm diggin' her hair.

It reminds me of my mother listening to good ol' fashioned rhythm and blues.

Plus, this song is right on point because she's asking where has the music gone? I'm so sick of hearing "bitch" and "ho" in lyrics these days, and Ms. James is right with me on that.

Also, she also does a cover of No Doubt's Don't Speak, and I love that song. No Doubt is a Southern California band, and I am loyal to my local bands.

So I'm going to put both videos in this post which is exactly what I wanted to do with the Jamie Cullum post below. Ya'll get two for one this time around, so sit back and enjoy! And, if you don't enjoy her you have bad taste in music.


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