Thursday, July 5, 2007

Congrats ZenKimchi aka very funny Joe ;-)

It's past my bedtime and I have to get up early to work on my internship stuff.

However, I just wanted to send out a big virtual hug and congratulate Joe over at ZenKimchi for beating the rap on the criminal libel case against him.

Yes, I said criminal libel - read more about it here, if you dare. It's honestly beyond ridiculous.

He sent an email out late Thursday morning while I was working away on internship stuff. I sent him a congratulations immediately. I then proceeded to go to a meeting but ended up sick and writhing in pain on the floor of my supervisor's apartment due to what seemed to be mild food poisoning. Thank goodness for a nice internship super, apple cider vinegar and the pillow she gave me so I could nap.

However, since I see he's shared the great news on his blog, I can now share it on mine.

At least, dear Joe, I don't have to go out and see if Felon Clothing Company has a "I Used to F%^k People Like You In Prison" t-shirts I was considering getting for you ;-) Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Instead, I can just offer you congratulatory liquor credit sometime in the future.

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