Sunday, July 15, 2007

The New York Times Dissects Harry Potter ;)

I got caught up in Harry Potter mania this weekend and went out to see the Order of the Phoenix last night in IMAX 3D.

It was a fun ride even if very weak in character development. I'd rather have a longer movie and get more of the story than just slick effects. But the effects were great and the 3D part was just awesome fun.

Well, the New York Times now has a feature which explores the Harry Potter movie series from four perspectives: 1) Harry, Hermione and Ron; 2) Flight and Effects; 3) Changing Genres; and 4) All Those British Stars.

Check it out. It's interesting.

Today I went back to look at the first four films so I can decide which is my favorite. (A bit too much partying after the movie, so it was a stay home day.)

The Order of the Phoenix was good, but it ranks fifth for me in the series. The other four were better. It's still definitely worth a go see because of the throw down at the end in 3D.

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