Friday, July 6, 2007

Sex and the City - The Big Screen is On Lock

Update 1 (Oct. 4, 2007 @ 10:36pm)

The spoilers are coming out!

I saw a photo of Sarah Jessica Parker and Chris Noth on the set. Now the spoilers are being leaked.

I have not clicked over to read them, but you can: Sex and the City Spoilers

Oh big, big, big "yeah!!!" This is just because I love this TV series.

I was clicking around this morning and saw this headline: Sex and the City film finally coming to silver screen.

When SATC was on I was having a parallel universe while living in San Francisco...enough said.

This makes me happy. I mean really happy.

Television show Sex and the City is finally coming to the big screen as Sarah Jessica Parker and her co-stars Cynthia Nixon, Kristin Davies and Kim Cattrall have finally agreed terms after months of talks.

The quartet are dusting off their Manolo Blahniks for a much-awaited film version of the hit television show which aired it's last episode.

Filming will begin in New York in September, according to Variety magazine. The Hollywood showbiz bible contends that a deal has been signed between HBO and New Line Studios to begin shooting a film version.

Celebrity websites have long speculated that attempts to make the movie failed after Cattrall reportedly asked for the same money as Parker, who was paid more in the show because of her role as executive producer.

Parker tried to downplay talk of friction between the actresses at the launch of her budget clothing line Bitten earlier this year.

She said: "It is a very complicated puzzle to put back but not for the reason that people speculate about, because as far as I know, all of the actresses want to be together for this movie."

Variety also reported that as part of the film deal, Cattrall has been assured future roles in forthcoming HBO programming.

The plot is a highly guarded secret and it's not yet known if popular co-stars such as Chris "Mr Big" Noth will be appearing.
It just seems they're really going out of their way to paint Kim Cattrall as the bad one in these negotiations.

Hey, I'm not there and have no inside link, so she just might be. But Parker's quote indicates there really might be more than just Cattrall jockeying for more money and leverage here.

Except for those close, who knows? I'm just glad they've locked down the terms.

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  1. you have to be kidding me. more carrie and more samantha. my day is looking good.

  2. Ain't it great?!!!

    My favorites are Charlotte and Miranda (I'm a weird merging of the two with a sprinkle of Sam.)

    I can't wait for this to hit the big screen.


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