Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The World Community Grid

I can't believe I forgot about this! However, after I shot off an email to let friends know that Kiri Davis' film had indeed won, a former co-worker reminded me of the World Community Grid website.

When ever your computer is idle, you can have your computer working on one, or any combination of:

The Human Genome Project.
Actually, my computer at home has enough speed that I can just let it run 24/7. In fact, I can have two running if I go to my office and put it on my work computer.

I found out about the Grid through my former co-worker when he and I shared an office together a few years ago.
Donate the time your computer is turned on, but is idle, to projects that benefit humanity! We provide the secure software that does it all for free, and you become part of a community that is helping to change the world. Once you install the software, you will be participating in World Community Grid. No other action must be taken; it's that simple! To learn more and join, click the button below.
This a link to their website, World Community Grid. Right now my computer is 28% through this task:I know we've got some powerful computers and lots of broadband connections here in Korea, but this applies to all of you clicking from wherever you are.

Join and let your computer work on some world changing research while it's idle.

And thanks.

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