Monday, July 2, 2007

Congratulations Kiri!

Kiri Davis Featured on KOMOTV Seattle: Young student's documentary leaving audiences stunned

Now there was scandal during the CosmoGirl Film Contest that I blogged about back in April. I encouraged readers to go and vote for Kiri Davis' film A Girl Like Me which I'd blogged about last August.

I captured some screenshoots when the voting spiked for the competing films and mailed them to CosmoGirl because it was suspicious. I mean votes indeed do spike, but these spikes were extreme.

Anyway, the powers that be concluded that the voting had been tampered with and the decision would go to judges instead.

We have determined that the online voting has been corrupted as a result of one or more instances of tampering with the voting process by users. As a result, none of the online votes will be counted, and we will submit all three of the semi-finalists to our panel of experts for final judging and selection of a winner.

The winner will be featured in the August 2007 issue of CosmoGIRL!
It was really discouraging because if you run a search for cosmo girl film contest kiri-davis you will see that bloggers came out en masse to get people to vote for Kiri's film.

Well, the good news is the judges chose her film, so she won! The judges were Maria Menounos, Brett Ratner - he directed X-men and Tim Story - he directed the Fantastic Four and Barbershop.

Now, you know I like linking tons of sources always, so this means I've heard this news through the grapevine. I'll post links once they come up.

Congratulations Kiri!!!

Here is the good news straight from (I captured a screen shot because the web address is so generic that the content of that link will change.)

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